A brief story of the Evangelical Crusade of Fishers Men, Inc.

In February 1973, Rev. Dr. Philius H. Nicolas called his group of friends to study about the needs of creating a new church in the Haitian community. After a brief discussion, they came to a consensus that it was necessary to organize a church founded on the theology of Liberation, which was prevalent during that period.

At the time, Dr. Nicolas was the assistant pastor at Evangelical Haitian Church of Christ. After 9 years of service, in his last message titled, “God is seeking man,” he emphasized on the well-known words of Jesus, drawn from Matthew chapter 4 verse 19, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

After several meetings, on May 27, 1973 several friends were invited to dedicate the new church called “EVANGELICAL CRUSADE OF FISHERS OF MEN INCORPORATED.” On that Sunday afternoon, the vision of this new organization was revealed.

The main objective of the church was to help mankind, without limitation of races and creed, to live a better life on Earth, while getting ready for Heaven. This dogma spread like a wild fire among the Haitian Immigrant Community, which helped the church expand very quickly.

The church had been confronted with many obstacles, but by the grace of God, and with the help of those that God had put in our path, this church was able to overcome them.

This is why many of our congregants shout “Eben Ezer! Eben Ezer! Thus far, the Lord has helped us!”

Learn more about the history here.

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