Pastor’s Council

They are consultative bodies which serve to advise the Pastor regarding pastoral issues.

The main purpose of a pastoral council is investigating, reflecting and reaching conclusions about pastoral matters to recommend to the Senior Pastor. The Pastor consult the pastoral councils in order to be a better leader. In brief, the work of the pastoral council is pastoral planning. The basic task of such a council is to serve, at institutional level, the orderly collaboration of the faithful in the development of pastoral activity which is proper to pastors. The pastoral council is thus a consultative organ in which the faithful, expressing their baptismal responsibility, can assist the Senior pastor, who presides at the council, by offering their advice on pastoral matters.

Pastoral Council:

Bishop Philius Nicolas, Founder.

Rev. Dr Samuel Nicolas, Pastor Senior.

Pastor Gerard Charles.

Rev. CéDieu Gouin.

Pastor Luc Louis

Pastor Antoine Joseph.