Council of Elders

I. Elders’ Purpose:

Elders have a spiritual role in the Church: Elders are called upon to develop leadership programs, teach, preach at ECCC conferences, church anniversaries, and support ECCC in terms of increasing the church strength and health; and in strategically supporting new church starts and emerging ministries.  They are looked to as spiritual leaders by the pastors, they are also be asked to play the role as Moderator to represent and to speak for the congregation.

II. Who can be an Elder:

An Elder is a member in good standing of ECCC, meets our qualifications, and is ordained by the Pastor.  Those qualifications are:

“Elders are those individuals of obvious spiritual quality and leadership who are mature, have sound judgment, have a proven record of accomplishment as lay or clergy members within the Fellowship, and have successful experience in envisioning and strategic planning for our future.  Elders are excellent communicators, skilled motivators and teachers, self-motivated and devoted to continuous learning.  Further, our Elders are capable of understanding and working within sound fiscal guidelines, be sensitive to cultural differences, the Council of Elders reflects the diversity of ECCC”

Raoul Charles
Jeanne Valcourt
Levy Lamur