Church History

Bishop Philius Nicolas, Founder

Bishop Philius Nicolas has led the Evangelical Crusade of Fishers of Men since its founding in 1973 in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The genesis (February 1973) of Evangelical Crusade of Fishers of Men is the irrefutable collaboration of the passion, call and obedience of Bishop. Philius H. Nicolas. The vision and altruistic idea of implementing a church centered on Christ and reaching lost people was shared with an inner circle of like-minded and passionate believers. Their collective passion moved from idea to action and to the formation of a transformative spiritual/evangelical community.

The ministry career of Bishop. Nicolas took him from the associate pastor position of Evangelical Haitian Church of Christ where he served for nine years to the founding pastor of the ministry we affectionately refer to as ECFM or ECCC. This initial meeting of minds, gave birth to what is now known as a center of refuge, teaching, empowerment, and spiritual formation for all mankind. The message of hope and freedom through a liberation model helped in proclaiming the possibility of a quality earthly life while moving towards and eternity with God.

The content and power of this theological construct resonated with the Haitian immigrant community and this produced an exponential growth of the congregation.

Empowered by God’s unfailing grace and mercy, the ministry has overcome numerous challenges while upholding the message of the cross. The presence of a vibrant and culture changing ministry is the direct result of godly leadership from Dr. Nicolas, the collaboration of faithful ministry partners, and the unrelenting faithfulness of valiant members. The unison cry over the years has been, Eben Ezer, Eben Ezer, thus far the Lord has helped us.